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When you are ready to take that next step on your path!

The only real truth is in how we feel, the information that arises from our felt senses. Whilst our thoughts may conjure up all kinds of dire future or past scenarios our felt senses are in the now. Let how you feel be your guide and that is your path to wellbeing, to joy, to love, to your own truth! 

What to expect in an Energy Healing session

During the session you lie down comfortably fully clothed on the massage table. A  bolster is placed under your knees for lower back support and you are offered the choice of an eye pillow. Initially you are guided into a deep relaxation and a visualisation is offered to help ground and align you to higher vibrational energies. Chakras are balanced and your subtle bodies (higher vibrational bodies) are aligned. During the entire treatment Therese is guided by her intuition as she works soul-to-soul with you and allows herself to align to and channel higher frequencies of energy. As a highly sensitive intuitive Therese experiences the energetic changes that you are experiencing simultaneously in her own body as well as sensing through her hands. These sensations act as a guide during the session to help direct where to channel the healing energies. You are gently guided to notice your own experiences of the subtle energy also so that you can begin to choose to align to them if you wish. Each session is completely unique and guided by the energy and Therese allows for a co-dialogue to emerge and flow which also helps create direction and bring intuitive insights which Therese shares with you. 

Therese is focused on teaching you the tools of self-empowerment, tools which you can take home with you to help you stay balanced and aligned.

Energy Healing, Balancing & Alignment

$901 hour

Energy Healing Balancing & Alignment

$1201 1/2 hours


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