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Massage & Massage Packages

RELAXATION, THERAPEUTIC/REMEDIAL, PREGNANCY, LaSTONE (Hot Rocks) MASSAGE Treatments are tailored to each individuals needs.

Massage Packages

Therese’s deeply nurturing Massage Packages bring together the physical relaxation and ease of massage plus alignment, balancing and release in your body’s energy field.

1 1/2-hour massage tailored to your needs,

30 minutes of working with your energy field balancing chakras, aligning and releasing and providing any insights that arise.

30 minutes guidance, feedback and discussion are offered helping to align you to your path and finding that next step!

Therapeutic massage

$9060 minutes

Therapeutic massage

$12090 minutes

LaStone massage

$14090 minutes

Intuitive Massage & Healing Package

$1902 1/2 hours

Stone Massage & Healing Package

$2102 1/2 hours

What is LaStone Therapy?

Hot and Cold Rocks!

LaStone Therapy massage uses heated black basalt stones and chilled marble stones to deliver a deeply therapeutic, relaxing, grounding deep tissue treatment.

The therapist places stones under the body aligned along the spine and places stones on key chakra points on the body to balance the body’s physical, mental and emotional energies. Oiled stones are held in the palm of the hand to deliver a deep, intense massage throughout the treatment.

The Science.

The treatment is based on the principles of thermotherapy- heat healing- where the body responds to the intense yet pleasurable temperature delivered by the hot basalt stones. This is combined with the chilled marble stones which are used in areas of congestion and inflammation. The overall effect is an enhanced circulation of blood and lymph which flushes out metabolites and toxins resulting in cleansing the tissues and assisting self healing.

What’s it good for?

LaStone Therapy is a multifaceted technique designed to benefit clients on many different levels. Energy work offers healing and balance to the body, mind and spirit, the stones offering grounding connecting us to the Earth. The thermo effect of the stones offers intense relaxation and relief from achy tired muscles and the cool stones offer balance in the body’s circulatory system and assist the body to self-healing. This makes the stone therapy useful for sports injuries, repetitive strains and general aches and pains. As it is calming it may help ease anxiety and boost sleep and overall wellbeing.

Client responses.

Common responses from clients include ‘feeling a deep connection with the Earth’, feeling ‘cocooned within the warmth of the stones’, ‘sinking into the Earth’, ‘the best massage I’ve ever had’, ‘the effects lasted for days’, ‘I felt deeply relaxed from the very first moments’, ‘soothing yet stimulating’.