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Learn How To Feel Good  1-day workshop

Saturday 25th November 2017

Are you ready to learn how to feel good? Would you like to move towards greater self-empowerment, more joy, more of your authentic Self? Would you like to learn how to connect with yourself spiritually, to your soul contract and release your current blocks and fears?

Let’s bring the magic back to the every day life.

About the presenters

Therese Farnham

Photo of Therese Farnham

Therese has a background as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Spiritual Healer supporting individuals to navigate challenging life events and to heal from trauma.

These workshops have emerged from Therese’s desire to share the methods, attitudes and knowledge she has learnt on her own journey to become more present as her authentic joyful self.

Therese works as a channel of Divine energy and holds the framework of facilitating you to become self-empowered by showing you the tools to enable you to move toward becoming the best version of yourself, if you choose to do so. At the same time healing energies are channelled to you to help release energetic blockages and the dialogue that arises can lead to insights, understanding and release.

Osnat Patton

Photo of Osnat Patton


Osnat has a background in Psychology. She is also a Psychic who works with your soul contract and her purpose is to connect you to your spirituality and self in a raw, honest and fun way.

Osnat can help you explore your soul contract, the lessons your soul wants and needs, your current blockage and fear.

How, you may ask? By giving you the why. You will be told the story of your soul and helped to connect with your purpose. You will be helped to connect to your self, befriend your fears and ego and connect you to your soul’s journey.
Each person’s journey is totally unique and you are asked simply to turn up with an open mind and allow the journey to unfold in your highest good.

For more information or to secure your place in this workshop contact

Therese 0419268244